Moments in April

IMG_2707There were moments of joy capturing the sight of much needed rain delicately pooling on our vibrant roses.IMG_2708IMG_2684IMG_2730

Although today is technically May, I want to remember that Lydia has been working on getting close to taking steps for some time.  Today, Kyle saw her take two in a row!!!  That is first!

Eliana and Natalie have enjoyed creating masterpieces.  Oh how they love painting when I am up for having all of the supplies out.  Thankfully, the big girls are fairly responsible with the paint!  It is more of a job to keep Lydia occupied while they enjoy the thrill of creating.  Oh, and yes, Eliana is wearing what she calls her Elsa dress with her Elsa braid.

IMG_2729IMG_2787IMG_2845If you have never had the pleasure of going to Yosemite, it is well worth the $30, to get into the park!  I hadn’t been since I was an infant.  There were many times that I just stopped and stared at the wondrous beauty before me.  Our photography skills only scratch the surface of the beauty there.


Kyle and I were able to hike and walk for hours while GramE and PopE blessed us by watching the girls.  It was so refreshing to be wandering about outdoors with Kyle and not needing to think about nap time, lunch time for five, how far the girls could walk, or to be interrupted regularly.  IMG_2874

We took a less traveled path from lower Yosemite Falls to Mirror Lake.  As we went down these step, I realized they would be stunning if I turned around to see where I had been.  I was not disappointed.  I even stopped the next two hikers so that they could see the view.  This introvert has learned a few things being married to an extrovert.  Ah, the joys of striking up conversation with strangers.  The other hiker said it looked magical and stopped to take pictures too.

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