Happy Birthday Natalie

img_5061We are thankful for Natalie.  She is spunky, has a unique sense of fashion, and dearly loves her family. By request, she enjoyed strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  She wanted M&Ms and a heart.  After last years… not to easy to see butterflies on cupcakes, I took the advice from family to make a big picture.

img_5075-2We went on an adventure to a pumpkin patch for Natatlie’s fourth birthday!

img_5082Natalie loves to be read to and enjoys drawing.  Some of her favorite places are the library, the zoo, and the homes of extended family.   She loves dancing, ice cream, and pancakes.  She would be thrilled if she ate pb&j , quesadillas, fruit, and pancakes as her only menu options.  She is quick to pick up on things Eliana shares from school.  She and Lydia get along pretty well while Eliana is at school, and that is a huge blessing.


She is not likely to be forced to do things she doesn’t like without a clear understanding that she would rather not.  Note, the picture of her frowning is a perfect example.  She wasn’t interested in smiling.  She has no trouble sharing her opinion with family, but she is still shy when she first meets people.  img_5069

She is often content, and her smile is a joy to see!   She enjoys new adventures like a train ride with family.

img_5034We went on another adventure yesterday with family in honor of Natalie.  Hooray for two days of family and sweet treats!

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