October Moments

img_5111There are many times when I wish limg_5115ife was full of warm fuzzy feelings.  I wish I felt like smiling all the time like this scarecrow Eliana made as school. I wish my children showed love like they did when they made my birthday card.


img_5122I am thankful for the moments I am able to capture of pure delight like this picture of Lydia who is in her favorite place, outside!


This may seem like an odd picture for me to share.  Eliana’s eyes are closed.  We still don’t have grass in the backyard (why when we are in a drought???).  Natalie is in motion.  Here is what I want to show, Natalie is smiling.  She is having a great time combining swings and playing on them.  Keep that in mind for later.


Eliana is flourishing in the first grade.  She is thoughtful, creative, contemplative, and willing to share her sweet smile for a moment.


Like I said, remember that before I asked her to come over to the fence, she was smiling.  Sadly, this face is the one I often get from her and her big sister when I ask them to help around the house.  It is the same face I get at most breakfast and dinner times.  We go easy on Mom at lunch and often make sandwiches or quesadillas with fruit.  I figure a but of reality is a good thing.  Although I wish for warm fuzzies all day, parenting is HARD!  Trying to cultivate gratitude and a willingness to work does not come naturally to my children.


This is more what parenting looks like for me.  One happy, one distracted, and one grumpy.  They all take turns with the emotions.


Sometimes parenting is being thankful for the moments of joy captured in the day, praying for wisdom, and washing the day in grace as they sleep.


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