The Gift of Art


a gift given by the best Artist

an outlet

a relief

a place of peace

a way to restoration

a comfort

a blessingimg_5195

Eliana made this math sentence and drawing in kindergarten.  I am so thankful that she goes to a school where the arts are encouraged.  She was able to use art to help her remember Pop Pop, my grandpa, who had passed a few months before.  Art, a way to help us process, grieve, remember, and treasure.


Eliana did this piece this year.  I love her drawing.  I hope she gets a better hang on spelling than I ever did.


Art, a way to say thank you to the neighbor who gave us a fish container and a fish.


Art has been a blessing to me.  I struggled with reading among many other things growing up.  When it is hard to read, everything seems hard.  Yet, I had a teacher who used art regularly to help us learn.  Those were the moments I was able to shine and feel like I was actually doing something right in school.  In high school, it was the sweetest gift to be in art.  I didn’t have an easy teacher.  She pushed us out of our comfort zones and had HIGH expectations.  An A was not an easy thing to get in her class.

I am grateful for the gift of a puzzle from my mother-in-law.  I spent hours creating art and listening to music as a way to unwind from the craziness known as being a mom.

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