Lydia is Two!!!!!!!

img_5464The gift of a camera taking 5 pictures in a row is that one of them has all of our eyes open AND facing the camera!  We were blessed to have family join us in celebrating Lydia’s second birthday.


I realized that Lydia wasn’t old enough to ask what she wanted on her cake, so we went for simple.  She did pick out the chocolate cake though!


She has been patiently waiting for the cupcakes all afternoon!  She doesn’t always eat dinner well, so we got sandwiches.  Once I figured out she wanted them cut into bite size pieces, we were golden!  She was so much more delighted to see the cupcakes this year than she was initially to see them last year.


GramE helped make sure she got every bite!

img_5495She did have to inspect just to make sure.

Lydia is a blessing in our home.  Her smile brightens our days.  She is shy, and takes a bit to warm up to people.  With that said, don’t be surprised if she lets you know she doesn’t want eye contact, to be picked up, or if you are too close.

Her vocabulary has gained quite a few words in the last month.  She is up to 28 words and 16 signed words.  She has also taken an interest in toilet training, which I’m not quite ready for.  Lydia loves her sisters dearly, is delighted when Dad comes home, and gives great hugs.  She loves books, Legos, and anything her sisters are up to.  Her favorite meal time is breakfast.  We love her dearly and are thankful God has her in our family.



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