Hiking Adventures

I can’t remember who said it today, but someone said, “You don’t meet grumpy people on hikes.”   I think there is something to being outside walking through God’s creation.  This was our first hiking adventure that we included our kids and friends.  Some other friends of ours did this trail a few weeks ago, and they have little ones like us.  I figured if they could, we could at least attempt it.  It was a huge success.  Hooray!

IMG_5800If I had time as a pregnant mom of three young children, I’d love to make the pink flower photo and the blue flowers with the rock behind into art pieces.  Since the likelihood of finishing such a project is slim to none, I am super grateful for the nice camera we have that captured what I saw.IMG_5805


Yes, I know the picture is totally out of focus, but I said right before it was taken, “Let’s take a picture!  I want to document we all made it!”  Next time I need to check the clarity of said documentation.  But hey, the plants in the foreground are crystal clear!


Hooray for new adventures!  The weather was perfect, the company was fabulous, and the kids did an awesome job.IMG_5802

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