Pumpkin Sized Goals

IMG_5050What happens when you plant pumpkin seeds in March?  You harvest pumpkins at the end of June.  Although there were many beautiful golden bloosoms, only two large pumpkins grew.  I hadn’t done any research on when to plant pumpkins.  Since they arrived much sooner than I expected, I was completely content with two pumpkins instead of handfuls of them.  Turning pumpkins into pumpkin puree requires baking the pumpkins for an hour.  That is an hour of hot oven heat when the temperature outside is over 100 degrees at some point in the day.  And, when you happen to harvest a particularly large pumpkin, it means an hour for each half of the pumpkin.IMG_5049Then what do you do with so much pumpkin puree in your freezer?  I decided my goal would be to try new recipes.  Currently, there is a whirling sound as my bread maker is doing all of the hard work for me to taste a new pumpkin bread recipe.  I am hopeful that this recipe passed down from a book from Aunt Marcie will be a real treat for us.  The recipe said it isn’t the typical heavy pumpkin bread that you think of when fall comes, and it would even be quite tasty with a turkey sandwich.  So, here is to baby steps of trying something new!IMG_6269

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