Charlotte is 1 month old!!!

IMG_6716Charlotte has crossed a finish line and is a month old.  She and I were working very well as a team until the day before she turned 4 weeks old.  We hit a snag with mastitis.  It turns out that I wouldn’t wish such pain on anyone.  Thankfully, she has slept well for the most part.  There have even been a few nights when she has had a feeding starting sometime between 8-10 and then her next feeding started between 4-6 the next morning.  Charlotte’s vision is improving so that she looks more at us rather than over us.  Also, she had a great smile for me while she was awake this morning.  Hooray for smiles.  I look forward to capturing one with my camera.  She is just under 10 pounds.  We love her bunches!  I can’t believe a whole month has gone by.

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