Mother’s Instincts

While attempting to scrub the much neglected bathtub, Charlotte woke up.  I rocked her back to sleep.  It hadn’t even been two hours since the beginning of her last feeding.  She stayed asleep for a very short time while I attempted to give some much needed elbow grease to the bathtub.  While I rocked her for the second time, I realized it was quiet and I hadn’t seen Lydia for awhile.  Uh-Oh.  My mother’s instincts kicked in, and I went in search of my little one.IMG_6740

It turned out that she decided it was a good idea to paint.  I was very impressed that she was painting on paper, THANK GOD.  Her area was complete with multiple paints, water, paint brush, and paper.  She was having a grand time.  I am so thankful for the many times we have painted before and she knew “the rules” about how to paint.  Normally, one of the rules is that Mommy needs to be there.  But aside from overlooking that rule, she did everything right.  I am so thankful!

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