Reasons I Smile

IMG_6837I love this smiling baby! IMG_6838 I also know this season of smiles is just that, a season.  So I am soaking it in.IMG_6832I was trying to think of a clever caption for this expression, but Charlotte didn’t sleep until 11, had me up for a few minutes at 11:45, nursed at 2 something, and then was up for the day at 5:30.  Needless to say, my cleverness just isn’t quite there.IMG_6833Thankfully, nights like last night aren’t the norm.  She tends to have a good long stretch between feeding during the night.IMG_6852Natalie: Mom, can you take a picture of me with Charlotte?

Me: Sure thing.

I am so glad they enjoy each other’s company.IMG_6856After years of trying to capture Natalie’s eye color, I finally got it!  Hooray!  Her blue eyes when she was born have changed.  I am guessing Charlotte’s will do the same.IMG_6858Lydia: Me too?

Me: Yes, I can take a picture of you too. IMG_6865I am so thankful for Eliana.  She is a great sister.


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