Charlotte is 2 Months Old!!!

IMG_7021Our family has been in a season of receiving gifts.  I am so grateful for the meals people have made, the hugs, the blankets (like this one from Grandma Muriel and Aunt Kathy), the groceries picked up, the walks, and conversations shared.  Something that I stressed about for months of my pregnancy was what to do with needing to be at the girls’ school 3 times a day.  God has provided gracious friends and family who have helped so that I don’t have to do all of the driving.  That is such a priceless gift to our family.  We are very blessed by the community that has been lifting us up in this transition.

Charlotte is doing great.  She is growing, has longer times of contentment in her awake time, and loves her family.  She is beginning to coo which makes having a conversation fun.  She tends to have her last feeding between 8:30-11 and sleeps until 2-5 in the morning.  Thankfully, I nurse her and then she goes back to sleep.  Kyle has been able to get more sleep regularly now that Charlotte tends to be up just once in the night.  She is nursing every 2-4 hours during the day, and has between 7-9 feedings a day.  The big girls enjoy her company, and they all have gotten pretty good at putting a pacifier in.

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