Natalie is 5!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_7073Before the month is over, I wanted to remember that Natalie turned 5 this month!  Her request of a ladybug cake took several days of thinking, but I finally got an idea that I was able to work with.  She loved it, and all of the girls enjoyed making it.IMG_7096As of today,  these are Natalie’s favorites: (They are subject to change by tomorrow)

color: white

breakfast food: chocolate chip pancakes

lunch food: grilled cheese

dinner food: pancakesIMG_7146One of the highlights of this family gathering was watching Natalie ask Grandpa Hal to play with her.  My insides squirmed not knowing how he’d answer the question.  I know plenty of adults who shy away from playing with kids.  Some are more polite about it than others.  Some play for about a minute and then go onto another person to talk to.  Grandpa Hal took the time to be present.  He not only played Shopkins with her, he read to her for an extended amount of time that day and the following day.  Grandpa Hal is the only great grandparent she has left, and it blesses me that he is still giving to others of his time.

We were blessed to have family come up for this adventure.  Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to use this template.  It may appear that I have favorites based on the size of some photos, but it was a random sorting that I couldn’t figure out how to manipulate.  So in this case, size doesn’t matter.  That people gathered, laughed, and loved on each other does.



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