Charlotte is 3 months!!!

IMG_7205Charlotte turned 3 months old a few days ago.  She is doing well, and that is a blessing.  During the night she tends to wake once, but she has slept through the night a handful of times.  She eats every 2-4 hours depending upon what time of day it is.  Charlotte wants to be where we are.  She isn’t too content anymore in her bouncer unless someone is paying attention to her.  Attention doesn’t mean bouncing her while doing something else.  She wants eye contact!  She also wants to see what we are up to.  So instead of being okay in her bouncer while we eat, she is happy and content as long as I am holding her.  I know it is just short time until she will be trying to grab my food.  She is working on giggling.  We love her smile that she easily shares.  I love when we have “conversations”.  They are such precious moments as we go back and forth making noises at each other.  We love her bunches.

IMG_7210Lydia wanted a picture with her sister.  I am glad that she wants to be a part of what is happening with Charlotte.

IMG_7216I am fascinated by her eye color.  Natalie’s was similar when she was a baby.  I wonder when or if Charlotte’s will change.

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