Community is…

Community is…

Ms. Coolgreenglasses taking my big girls to Costco and shopping for me.

Mr. Garden taking my big girls to school when I was vanless.

Mrs. Twinkleeyes picking up the littles and me from the auto repair shop in the middle of her workday.

Ms. Heartylaugh reminding me that Jesus cared for me in the past and will today too.

Mrs. GoDucks telling me I’m not a failure and to not listen to the whisper of the enemy’s lies.

Mrs. Helpingheart holding Charlotte while I shared what Jesus has done in my life over the past year.

Mrs. Warmhugs watching my big girls on Monday nights so that I can go to Re:Gen.

Mrs. Wellmissedfriend sending me a text of encouragement from the Midwest.

Mrs. Lovesroses walking through Fulton Mall with me sharing life.

Ms. Zumba encouraging me to work out.

Mrs. You’renotalone encouraging me with breastfeeding.

Mr. Lovesroses dropping of Eliana from school multiple times a week.

Mr. and Mrs. Bravethebeachwithsmallchildren dropping off Natalie daily and Eliana too on Fridays.

Mrs. Contagiouslaugh taking Eliana to the park when I was having a blue Monday.

Mrs. Reminderofgrace sending Kyle and I on a date.

The blessing is that these have all happened in the last 7 days minus the brave acts of Ms. Coolgreenglasses.

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