Charlotte is 5 months old!!!



I am not going to lie. This past month has been a bit of a roller coaster with Charlotte.  She went from waking once in the night to waking every two hours on more nights than I can count.  We had a few failed attempts at crying it out in the day time, because I can’t handle having her cry at night.  I did find out that everyone else can sleep while she cries.  Everyone, that is except for me. She went from being rocked to sleep and easily laid down to waking as soon as I laid her down.  Once we did have some a little success crying it out during the day, I have been able to lay her down just about to sleep and she finishes falling asleep in her crib.  Her naps have been much better since she started soothing herself to sleep.IMG_7319

Charlotte has been up to new things this month.  She has been enjoying tiny little bits of oatmeal cereal, avocado, banana, and sweet potato.  Eliana has been mastering how to get Charlotte to giggle.  Natalie has been great at helping keep Charlotte entertained for a few minutes at a time so that I can get a few things done.  Lydia loves her little sister.IMG_20180101_150728_933

We love her bunches.


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