Charlotte is 6 months!!!

IMG_7512A half a year has passed.  The past few months are pretty fuzzy due to sleep deprivation.  A blessing of the last month is that I didn’t have blue days.  There were plenty of hard moments, but not blue days!

Charlotte eats solids pretty well.  She has enjoyed green beans, peas, avocado, acorn squash, pear, apple sauce, sweet potato, yams, and oatmeal cereal.  Oh, and she had a few bites of a yummy potato soup a friend made for us.  IMG_7541Charlotte was sitting on her own for a few moments last night.  She still prefers to be up in my arms, but I am working to slowly get her to be content not in my arms.  This is simply because all of the rocking, swaying, and holding her is taking a toll on my body.  She was pretty sick last week, and I held her upright, propped up some pillows behind my back, and slept on the couch.  It took some effort, but she is back to sleeping in her crib.  She prefers me over everyone, and although that may sound cute, it is pretty hard.  I left the room to throw a diaper away, and I returned to her screaming at Kyle.  Charlotte is happy for a while outside watching her sisters on bikes and scooters and the cars driving by.  She is even content while I sit in a chair holding her while we watch her sisters.  This is progress from only being content if I was standing.  So we go out front nearly every day.  Being outside is good for all of us.  It is a moment of rest for me.

I wish that the moments captured in these pictures were what is was like all of the time, but the reality is that I pray for contentment in this hard season and for sleep nearly every night.  I know with all of my girls that some things get much easier once I am not being woken multiple times in the night.  In the mean time, I am reminded that Jesus loves me and sees me.

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