Charlotte is 7 Months Old!!!

IMG_7595Charlotte went on an adventure with me this past weekend.  Ladies from my Life Group went to the beach, and they graciously were okay with me bringing Charlotte.  Another mom brought her wee one too.  We timed our travel to match her naps, so she did better than I hoped for travel time.  She still prefers me over others, but she was okay a couple of times with others holding her.

Things Charlotte has been up to this past month:

*rolling from front to back and back to front

*eating solids 3 times a day

*still waking 1-5 times a night, but she is only up for about 10 minutes to either nurse or be walked around until she falls back to sleep


*spending a lot more time being happy with Kyle and the girls

*she loves watching her sisters as they use their bikes and scooters

*she is contents with toys while on the ground for 5-15 minutes, and that is a HUGE step in the right direction compared to the 10 seconds she’d be happy on the floor from months 3ish-6ish

*she had a few days were she tried dropping her evening nap, but most days she has 3 naps

*I went dairy, citrus, and chocolate free in January, and that has helped her tremendously in regards to nursing.

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