Charlotte is 8 Months Old!!!

IMG_7628The beginning and middle of Charlotte’s 7th month was full of little sleep for me, BUT she has made great strides at night.  There have been a handful of nights that she slept through the night.  They aren’t in a row, and she tosses in a night or two a week with very little sleep just to keep me on my toes.

Charlotte has also been making great strides in being content.  There were months when the length of contentment on the ground or in chair of some sort was about 10 seconds. We have worked up to 5 to 10 minutes.  She still prefers to have someone with her, so her sisters are often talking to her.

What helped Charlotte to start having better sleep is adding a 4th solid feeding.  She eats a lot of pureed fruits and veggies.  She isn’t a big fan of rice or oatmeal, but I can sneak some into applesauce.

Charlotte is even being kinder to other adults, and that is a huge relief.  She is okay longer with Kyle, and she’ll even on occasion let another adult hold her for a few minutes.

Charlotte enjoys sitting up and playing with oodles of toys that her sisters have enjoyed in seasons before her.IMG_7632

She takes 3 naps most of the time.  Her morning nap is 9-11ish, and her afternoon nap is 1-2:45ish.  Her evening nap time varies in length and the timing changes often.  Sometimes she skips it altogether.

I am still dairy, citrus, and chocolate free.  Last night I had a little dairy in a delicious soup, and she was up more times than I can remember.  I had a little chocolate earlier this month with the same sleep issues.

I am not rocking her to sleep anymore.  My Fitbit “steps” on my wrist have gone down considerably due to the lack of rocking, and I am totally okay with that.  She is able to be laid down away for her naps, and most of the time she doesn’t fuss at all.  The evening though can be tricky.  Sometimes she will go down easily, but I have rocked her in a chair to help relax her if she fusses in her crib for awhile.

We love Charlotte, and I am so thankful for the progress this past month.  I am hoping that sleep will continue to regularly improve.

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