Charlotte is 11 Months Old!!!!!

IMG_7846Charlotte, my sweet baby, is growing and trying new things everyday.  For the most part, she is a content baby.  I am so glad that after such a rough start, I can finally say that.  She doesn’t have the typical crawl, but I think that is due to the tile in most of our house.  She is quick, so we have to keep the doors closed.  She did find the toilet this week! Yikes!  So, I again reminded the girls that the doors MUST be closed when she is awake.  Charlotte thoroughly loves her sisters.  She will bang on their door if she is left out.  Charlotte is in the wonderful season where she likes all of the food I make.  It would be nice if one of my girls stayed in that season rather than becoming picky and then “getting” to eat what I make for dinner.  Charlotte is pulling herself up on chairs, the couch, and our legs.  This week she started trying to free stand on her own, and we all clap and cheer her own.  All the praise delights her.IMG_7847Bedtime… well… we are still working on it.  She lays down completely awake for her naps without a problem and falls asleep, but that is not the case at bed time.  We moved Lydia back in with her last week.  After a Bible story, prayer, hugs, and one last run to the bathroom, Lydia goes into her room.  I nurse Charlotte with the hope that she will go to bed, and most nights before I bring Charlotte to her room, Lydia has fallen asleep.  This is great for Lydia.  She is getting better sleep now than when she was with her sisters.  They would talk, play, and fight until late.  Things have settled for both rooms for the most part.  It did help to have Lydia with her so that she doesn’t automatically start crying, but after a few minutes most nights she cries.  Charlotte can go a half an hour straight crying without letting up.  So, I rock in a chair until between 9 and 10.  Sometimes it is later.  I read, and she eventually falls asleep.  The good thing is that she sleeps until 7:30 or so.  She also takes 2 really long naps due to not sleeping as much at night.  About half of the week she will sleep through the night, and the other half she wakes up once. IMG_7848Charlotte still is not a fan of other adults.  When friends try to hold her, she cries almost every time.  It takes her several hours of watching someone to warm up to them.  We saw extended family on Wednesday, and I was blessed when she was happy to play with Aunt Marcie and Aunt Rachel near the end of our visit.  It took her a little to warm up to GramE when she stayed with us, but then she was golden.IMG_7849

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