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Eliana is 2 years old!!!!!

Aimee and Aunt Marcie worked together to make this delicious cake!  Since the food theme was Mexican, they decided a fiesta cake with Dora would be appropriate. Sophia, Jj, and their families joined us.  It was nice to have Eliana’s neighborhood pals … Continue reading

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Trisha and Taylor’s birthdays

I was in charge of making the cake this year.  The cream cheese with a hint of lemonade frosting was AMAZING.  The lemonade cake didn’t have as much of a lemonade taste as I expected.  The cake was made totally … Continue reading

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Kallie turned 2!!!

 Eliana’s cousin Kallie turns two tomorrow, but we were able to celebrate her birthday over the weekend! Eliana was initally not so sure about this saucer swing, but Kyle and Rachel got her to giggling! Eliana LOVES slides.  Even though … Continue reading

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15 Months Old

Life is sweet when you read together! Eliana and I were enjoying a book called Boom Town.  I loved using this story when I was teaching 4th grade, because it is silly, fun, and informative.  In summary, a little girl helps … Continue reading

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Eliana’s First Birthday!!!

We had a great time celebrating Eliana’s first birthday!!!  The weather cooled a little from the 100 degrees it had been while we were in El Salvador.  Yeah for a great day at the park!!!  Thanks again to everyone who … Continue reading

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