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Special Moments

 We enjoyed a special outing on Labor Day.  Awe, to enjoy the quiet of a park that has plenty of trees, grass, playgrounds, geese, and places for me to sit and rest while Kyle and Eliana explore was exactly how … Continue reading

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August Happenings

                                     Troy and Eliana up aboveIf you click on the picture, you can see her growing locks in the back. GramE, Kallie, and … Continue reading

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I paint, Daddy

This past weekend I had been working on the laptop for awhile when Eliana woke from her nap. She ate her snack while I got in a few more minutes before coming over and insisting, “My turn. Share, Daddy.” So … Continue reading

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Our Growing Girl

I don’t remember the last time I took Eliana outside just to take pictures.  Although this trip outdoors also including getting the mail, I hoped I’d get a few nice shots.  I think there was such a long season of … Continue reading

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Eliana is 2 years old!!!!!

Aimee and Aunt Marcie worked together to make this delicious cake!  Since the food theme was Mexican, they decided a fiesta cake with Dora would be appropriate. Sophia, Jj, and their families joined us.  It was nice to have Eliana’s neighborhood pals … Continue reading

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Eliana is 23 months old!!!

Blogger wasn’t being my friend when Eliana turned 23 months old, so some of the updates for what she has been up to in the last month and the beginning of this month. *Eliana has more words that I can … Continue reading

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A rock climber, a ladybug, and a baby!!!

Eliana loves to climb up rocks (with Kyle’s help) and then jump off them (again with Kyle’s help).  It is one of her new favorite things.  If the rock is half the size of the one pictured, she can climb … Continue reading

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