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Are You a Neighbor?

Friday night at Mission at the Mission, we gathered for Praise and Worship with a focus on “Are you a neighbor?” Before you can answer that question, you must first find out what it means to be a neighbor. For … Continue reading

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Flowers and Family

 Aren’t these nice hydrangeas?  Pop Pop has beautiful hydrangeas outside of his home.  I was impressed at how large his plants were, not just because of their beauty but also because I accidently killed some hydrangeas before in our heat … Continue reading

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Visiting Family

Laughing with Aunt Tara Dancing with Aunt Trisha Me, Eliana, and Trisha  Me, Dad, Pop Pop, Mom, Aunt Donna, Trisha, Eliana, Taylor, Kyle, Tara, Donald, and Rob Eliana’s Great Grandma Sue

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First Card Game and Other Fun

Eliana was very intent on helping me win! Trisha, Taylor, and me Eliana with her Nanny Pop Pop, Nanny, and Eliana Eliana with her Aunt Trisha Eliana recently gained the hand eye coordination to look at a toy, grab it, … Continue reading

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Thankful Day 8: Family

Pop Pop, Nanny, and Eliana Sometimes it is really hard to be 2 hours away from most of my family. Today was SUPER SPECIAL because a bunch of my family came to see Eliana and me. Nanny, Pop Pop, my … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Football

Today my parents flew into DFW. We all went on a short tour while in route to Crackerbarrel. While we were checking out the gift shop it started snowing. We stopped by the hotel to check in and drop off … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Texas

Tasha and I are off to Texas to see Troy and Aimee. Perry and Sherry will be there too. We’ll be coming back Sunday morning very early. As I type this my head bobs while looking at the time. 4am.

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