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Kyle’s Birthday and Seminary Class

Kyle had to leave in the afternoon of his birthday to drive down to a satisfied campus for a seminary class that was 5+ hours away.  So, we had a special breakfast outing before church.  I had been given a gift certificate … Continue reading

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Oh, Now I See

I couldn’t figure out this week why Eliana has been crabby, had unusual diapers, and her eating habits have been a bit … irritating.  Tonight Kyle and I worked together with a flash light to check on Eliana’s teeth.  Low … Continue reading

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Reasons I Love my Husband

These are in order from Sunday, not in order of most value.Sunday:Kyle and I were able to share a special meal on a $25 gift card to Cheesecake Factory in honor of our 7th anniversary.  He was willing to forgo … Continue reading

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My Didgeridoo

CONSTRUCTION PHASEHere is the DIY of my didgeridoo.  LINK 2″ PVC didgeridoo I took a blow torch to the pvc, flexed it, held it, and poured cold water over it. Slightly flared end Twisted My grandfather thought the pvc resembled … Continue reading

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Reasons I love Kyle

\ Kyle and Mitch in El Salvador Do you know what happens when someone you love has to work 60 hours? You’d think that I’d be super nice, loving, and caring when I do get to see him, right? Well, … Continue reading

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Another November Walk

Kyle and I went on a short walk this morning. It is so gorgeous out today! Every morning in the fall, I am greeted by the beauty of this tree. I just wish the beauty didn’t also leave leaves in … Continue reading

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My husband

I love my husband for so many reasons. Let me share a few of the recent reasons. I am fighting a sore throat, so Kyle picked up some grapefruit juice and cranberry juice for me earlier this week. I was … Continue reading

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