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Sleep Sleep, oh how I miss thee Let me count the ways Sleep, your waning quality is poorly timed For ’tis the season to toilet train When you left You took the great virtue Patience Sleep, why did you confiscate … Continue reading

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Get Pumped

Do you ever hear a song and it just sets you off and gets you in the mood to get er dun? That feeling of being pumped is a great, energizing feeling. I get that feeling sometimes when I read theology … Continue reading

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A Missing Shoe

A Missing Shoe(Inspired by Mr. William Carlos Williams)So much depends upon a missing shoeand a bare foot spotted while entering the carwhich lead to a return trip to the storefor an exploration of the floorThe shoe, size two, belongs toa tiny … Continue reading

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Early Morning Surprise

 Early Morning Surprise (Inspired by Mr. William Carlos Williams) by Tasha Guess So much depends upon an early morning feed and an unpleasant smell found on my baby’s head Have you ever read Love that Dog or Hate that Cat by … Continue reading

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