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Photo Adventures

Rachel, Sarah, Eliana, and I went in search of finding letters to create presents for relatives.  Rachel was able to get an awesome bubble for the letter “O” a while back.  Although Sarah did a great job blowing bubbles, I … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

This year we stayed in town for Thanksgiving.  Eliana blessed me by waking up after 8.  Awe, lovely!  I was able to read my Bible and journal before she or Kyle woke up.  It was such a delightful way to … Continue reading

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Kallie turned 2!!!

 Eliana’s cousin Kallie turns two tomorrow, but we were able to celebrate her birthday over the weekend! Eliana was initally not so sure about this saucer swing, but Kyle and Rachel got her to giggling! Eliana LOVES slides.  Even though … Continue reading

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August Updates

Eliana is down to one nap, which means I have very little down time all to myself.  She isn’t one of those babies who will then nap for four hours just because she is down to one nap.  Yesterday she … Continue reading

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Family Visit

 Troy, Aimee, and Kallie came to visit us!  Rachel and Ruli joined us for a day of fun!  I love Troy’s smile in this picture.  It was the second take, so he opted to be goofy.  It makes me chuckle … Continue reading

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Rachel to the Rescue!

Eliana can pull herself up on things like chairs, the couch, walls, people, and other objects that are taller than her.  She hasn’t stood up by herself yet.  If you let go of her hands, she can stand for a … Continue reading

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