Real Moments

Being a mom is a hard job.  When I was a teacher having bad days, I thought naively that if I could just be a stay at home mom, things would be so much simpler. I’ll have a baby who loves me and isn’t so complicated.  I was beyond wrong.  Being a mom is such a hard balancing act.

Today’s real moment is brought to you by a request.

Last night before bed Lydia: Mom, make butterflies?

Me: No, it is almost bedtime.

This morning straining with effort I saw Lydia trying to get a tub out from the cupboard.

Me: If you need help, ask for it. (Which is a nice reminder to ask for help rather than screaming in frustration.)

Lydia: Help please.

I got the tub out. Me: What are you wanting in the tub?

Lydia: Make butterflies.

Me: Do you want to play with the butterflies? (There were a few that were already made, and to be honest, this meant less of a mess for me.)

Lydia: No, make butterflies.

So, I had a decision to make.  I could tell her no, again.  This would mean less of a mess for me to clean up after.  I looked over at the counter, and yes, there were tons of dishes that needed attention.  If she played with the premade ones, that meant I could get to the dishes.

Me: Do you want to play with these cards? (I chose to try and distract her instead.  The cards would make a mess too, but I hoped she’d be happy with them long enough for me to clean the dishes.)

Lydia getting out the box of popsicle sticks: No, make butterflies.

To be honest, I have missed a lot of opportunities with my girls by focusing on trying to keep the house running.  I wanted to be present in this moment and not let it pass.  Lydia clearly wanted to make butterflies. And so I cut the paper, and she glued it to popsicle sticks.  I thought she’d be happy with 3, but she wanted more.  So she made 7.  My floor still has all of the tiny pieces of paper she cut up on the floor and all of the supplies are still out.  BUT, I was present in the moment.  I got to help her while she still wants and needs my help. IMG_7180 I am glad I was present. IMG_7181 These will eventually get done.


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Sleeping Well

I am rejoicing!  Charlotte slept from a little after 10 pm until almost 7 am!  She is one day shy of 11 weeks.  I know with all of my other girls it took awhile to regularly sleep through the night, but I am counting my blessings!  The hymn “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow” came to mind.  This is by far the earliest that any of my girls have slept through the night.  I hope it becomes a habit!IMG_7174

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Charlotte is 2 Months Old!!!

IMG_7021Our family has been in a season of receiving gifts.  I am so grateful for the meals people have made, the hugs, the blankets (like this one from Grandma Muriel and Aunt Kathy), the groceries picked up, the walks, and conversations shared.  Something that I stressed about for months of my pregnancy was what to do with needing to be at the girls’ school 3 times a day.  God has provided gracious friends and family who have helped so that I don’t have to do all of the driving.  That is such a priceless gift to our family.  We are very blessed by the community that has been lifting us up in this transition.

Charlotte is doing great.  She is growing, has longer times of contentment in her awake time, and loves her family.  She is beginning to coo which makes having a conversation fun.  She tends to have her last feeding between 8:30-11 and sleeps until 2-5 in the morning.  Thankfully, I nurse her and then she goes back to sleep.  Kyle has been able to get more sleep regularly now that Charlotte tends to be up just once in the night.  She is nursing every 2-4 hours during the day, and has between 7-9 feedings a day.  The big girls enjoy her company, and they all have gotten pretty good at putting a pacifier in.

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Her Smile is Priceless

IMG_6898.JPGCharlotte is in the middle of her 7th week.  She is super cute, and we all love her.  I just wish I had more sleep.  She sleeps way better than Eliana did, but I am still sleepy most of the time.  She nurses 7 to 9 times a day.  There is more to say, but a lack of sleep equals a lack of words.

Does anyone else think she looks like Natalie?  I see a resemblance especially in the last picture of this post.

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Reasons I Smile

IMG_6837I love this smiling baby! IMG_6838 I also know this season of smiles is just that, a season.  So I am soaking it in.IMG_6832I was trying to think of a clever caption for this expression, but Charlotte didn’t sleep until 11, had me up for a few minutes at 11:45, nursed at 2 something, and then was up for the day at 5:30.  Needless to say, my cleverness just isn’t quite there.IMG_6833Thankfully, nights like last night aren’t the norm.  She tends to have a good long stretch between feeding during the night.IMG_6852Natalie: Mom, can you take a picture of me with Charlotte?

Me: Sure thing.

I am so glad they enjoy each other’s company.IMG_6856After years of trying to capture Natalie’s eye color, I finally got it!  Hooray!  Her blue eyes when she was born have changed.  I am guessing Charlotte’s will do the same.IMG_6858Lydia: Me too?

Me: Yes, I can take a picture of you too. IMG_6865I am so thankful for Eliana.  She is a great sister.


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Sanity Looks Like…

IMG_6812For my first outing all by myself, I went to a friend’s coffee shop and enjoyed a chocolate chip muffin.  I colored in Natalie’s coloring book, read in a book, journaled, and then went back to the coloring book.  I am so thankful that Kyle works half days on Fridays, and that the timing worked out for me to get a little time away.

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Smiles, Splashes, Slumber, and other September Shenanigans

IMG_6755It was quite a delight to capture Charlotte’s smile at 5 and a half weeks.  Her smiling time is rather brief, so I am so grateful to have it saved in photo form.IMG_6714 I think whoever had this idea for a big splash is rather brilliant!  IMG_6715

IMG_6735I don’t sleep well with all of her little movements, but I am sure glad he is able to.  IMG_6748  Today I had dishes to be done, laundry in the dryer from yesterday, and stuff all over the house that needed to be picked up.  Lydia asked to go blow bubbles.  I took the opportunity to be present with Lydia and go outside to blow bubbles.  I can get frustrated with the state of our home, but I know I made the right choice here.  Quality time outside with Lydia was a good move, and the dishes will get done some time today.  It is not likely that everything that needs attention will get it today, but that is okay.  It took me effort to walk away from the mess, especially since Charlotte was sleeping and I could have gotten stuff done.  But instead of dwelling on the mess inside, I soaked in the sunshine and was thankful that Lydia still wants me to go outside with her while she blows bubbles.IMG_6749I haven’t spent much time in the garden lately.  I found basil growing in three places today that we hadn’t planted it.  It was a pretty surprise. IMG_6760 One eyebrow up and one eyebrow down.  She is definitely related to Kyle and Eliana. IMG_6768I love these girls!

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