Charlotte is 10 Months Old!!!

IMG_7708Charlotte turned 10 months old last week in the middle of Eliana and Natalie’s last week of school.  It was a busy week, so this post is a little late.  Charlotte is enjoying interacting with her sisters and playing of the ground.  Hooray!!!  We have come a long way from the season when she was content for 10 seconds on the ground.  She is scooting places.  I can get her to crawl the typical way if I am behind her and making sure her legs move.  But she has gotten to be fast scooting places and isn’t interested in crawling.  We will keep working on it since I know that crawling helps with reading.  I do wonder if the tile floor is part of the problem.  When I work with her to crawl, we do so in the carpeted bedrooms.IMG_7711

Sleep is still an unpredictable event with Charlotte.  She has had plenty of nights where she has slept through the night, but she also had about a week and a half of being up for 2 or so hours at a time.  She still has a morning and afternoon nap.  Each of those naps can be around 2 hours each.  It all depends though.  She likes to keep me on my toes and changes things up on a regular basis.  This week, she has been sleeping until 8 or so in the morning.  I feel a bit lazy sleeping in that late, but I figure catching up from last week when she had me up 2 or more hours in the night is an okay thing.IMG_7714I am enjoying that Charlotte is content overall.  Even when she was up in the night, she was happy if I was holding her.  We love her giggles and that she thinks her sisters are funny.  I enjoy her cuddles, and that when she is having a hard night I can now rock her in a chair rather than having to walk the house.  She gets super excited when Kyle comes home, and she loves pulling on his beard.


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