Eliana is 8!!!

IMG_7739Eliana has learned so much this past year.  Most days she does her own hair.  She not only makes her sandwiches, but she helps make her sisters.  She loves planning and being efficient, so she came up with a system in which she folds the clothes and Natalie puts them away.  And I must admit, this is a much faster option than when they would fold clothes together and play for an extended amount of time.  Eliana is even tall enough to start the washing machine now!  She can also do most of the parts needed to make bread with our bread machine.  She continues to love art and is a flourishing reader.  She has read The Chronicles of Narnia several times this year.  Eliana and her sisters don’t always get along, but she loves them and they love her.

This year we thought a trip to the lake would be a cooler option for gathering people to celebrate her birth.  Uncle Kevin found a fabulous spot which was shaded most of the time, and all of the kids had a blast while we enjoyed a picnic lunch.  Plus, no decorating, games, or entertainment needed.  There was the lake, sand, toys, food, and cake!  That was a big win for all of us!

We love Eliana and are so glad she is in our family!


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