Here is the terrarium as it is now (pre newt inhabited). Gravel for drainage, screen to keep the substrate from setting down into the gravel, and moss on top. The humidity should be kept between 65-75% and the temperature between 65-75 deg F.

Full view shot

Cave zoomed in shot

Water bowl shot

The next step is to find newts which is proving to be difficult to get done. Fresno is out. Seems like they all get theirs from China. China has a higher demand right now for them so getting them exported isn’t possible right now. The other problem is them making it all that way alive.

We were in Bakersfield this weekend. While visiting with our Hudson family, Donald asks if Ashley has shown me her fire belly newt yet. I look at Ashley and she looks away. “I am the one that told you about them. You didn’t even know they existed. Now you have one before me?!” So, Ashley has a nice maybe 1 gallon plastic octagon tank. The newt, which she hasn’t named yet, hides in a pile of underwater barrels. He is smaller than I expected at only maybe 1 inch length from nose to tail tip.

Today before we headed out of town to return to Clovis Ashley took us to the store where she had bought hers. She said they had plenty. We found their holding tank with only fish in it. No newts present except for the one pictured on the price tag. They had run out late last week. No more newts for a week or two. So we returned home newt-less but the search must go on!

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2 Responses to Elusive

  1. kkbaher says:

    When you finally do get that newt, it’s going to be magical! It’s sorta like us waiting from Hondo to Stephanie!:) Kari

  2. Kyle says:

    I like magical. That’s why I also like Ligers. 🙂

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