Silly boys

I made some time to run an errand in between work and coming home to study for school. I fished my way through some side streets toward home. I saw an empty field flooded with water and filled with mud. I used my jacket on the seat to cover the things sitting there so that they wouldn’t roll around. There was a green truck making its way to the same destination. I allowed it to take the lead and fling mud in all directions. When they saw me they sort of paused as if checking to see if I was going to break up their fun. I shoved a fist in the air and they smiled as they hit the gas for another spin. That’s when I took to the field to fling my own mud. After spinning a few circles and going into a figure eight, I noticed that a family on the bike trail stopped to watch us get crazy. I did have to get to homework and I wanted nothing to do with getting stuck so I took off. Here’s a picture of what little mud my little truck could fling.

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